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Measurement & Noise Control.

Indumil Noise Control
Noise Specification ISO
noise at transmilenio
field noise measurement
Noise measurement Corferias Frank Serrano
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In a world filled with chaos, professional noise measurements are the key to restoring harmony, ensuring well-being, and reclaiming the serenity of spaces. Invest in silence for a more fulfilling and balanced existence.

Interior Acoustics and Insulation modeling

Absorption Coefficient
Insulation modeling
Indumil modeling
impulse response
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Amidst the clamor of modern life, noise isolation consultancy stands as the beacon for tranquility, crafting spaces where peace reigns and well-being thrives. Invest in the art of silence for a harmonious, fulfilling existence.

Paneling and Acoustic Diffusers

acoustic diffusers plain proposal a
Acoustic diffuser plain proposal b
QRD acoustic Diffuser Porposal b
QRD diffuser proposal a
scattering pattern FS1
Diffusion and scattering Coefficient
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In the symphony of sounds, acoustic diffusers emerge as the virtuoso, transforming spaces into harmonious realms of balance and clarity. Elevate your environment with the artistry of sound through acoustic diffusers for an enriched, fulfilling experience.

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Embark on a journey to sonic serenity! Elevate your space with our acoustical solutions—crafted for harmony.
Transform sound, transform life.
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